Fertility Mindset & Hypnosis Membership

Boost Your Fertility by Hacking Your Mind!

Studies show that your physiology can be directly impacted by your mind.  By utilizing proven methods such as hypnosis, meditation, and other mindset tools, you can impact your chances of getting pregnant!


You may already know that your mind has an immense potential to improve your reproductive health! 

But you may not know how to activate your mind's potential!  The reason this is such a mystery is because our mind is not easy to hack - and that is by design!  Most of your physiological and psychological patterns and tendencies are controlled by your subconscious mind.  Your subconscious mind is not as reachable as your conscious mind.  This design is meant to protect us, but it can also becomes a hindrance for changing habits of thought and behavior that don't serve us. 

This online membership is designed to help you:


Improve your reproductive health through the power of your mind


Empower you with proven mindset tools to empower your fertility journey


Nurture your well-being and create a sense of ease to get you through these challenging times

Struggling with fertility challenges is complex...

Struggling with fertility challenges can be traumatizing

  • You do everything in your power to get pregnant only to find yourself back at square one. 
  • You feel triggered at every pregnancy announcement and that brings up conflicting emotion of sadness and guilt.
  • Keeping faith in your body feels like an uphill battle.
  • It's hard for you to let go of your past disappointments and envision your family starting.
  • You yearn to gain clarity and feel empowered again...

Here's the truth

You have a super power that you may not be aware of...

Studies show that our belief has an impact on our healing outcome.  There have even been studies that show that our visualizations can impact our physiology!  Your mind is so powerful and science is catching up to what many of the ancients have told us for centuries!


"I used Michelle's hypnosis audios to prepare me for both my retrieval and transfer.  She has a variety of different hypnosis audios for many different needs and I truly believe it helped my success in conceiving!"

Zali P.

The Fertility Hypnosis & Mindset Library

An online membership and library that gives access to a variety of fertility hypnosis audios as well as a library of transformational mindset tools.

Fertility Hypnosis Audios

This program includes hypnosis audios which use binaural beats and are designed to improve your fertility health.  

Utilize the power of your mind

There are many mind techniques that are proven to impact your physiology and create a sense of peace and well-being in your life.

Support Your Well-being

This membership has loads of valuable content designed to support your emotional and spiritual well-being through the fertility journey.  

Here's what's included

A Wealth of Resources Catered to Support Your Fertility Wellness

Membership benefits

Fertility Hypnosis Library

You will have access to a rich library of hypnosis audios which are specifically designed to benefit fertility health.  These audios range in fertility support from optimal ovulation and improved egg quality to eating healthy and improved sleep.  My patients and clients rave about these audios and have had amazing results!

Membership Benefits

Fertility Yoga Videos

You will have access to a library of fertility yoga videos which are geared toward specific movements that support fertility health as well as menstrual cycle health. 

Membership benefits

Journal Prompts

Journal prompts and suggestions to help you release emotional blocks in order to create a state of flow and clarity on your journey. 

Membership Benefits

Breathing Exercises to Support Fertility

Breath work is super important in supporting overall health and well-being.  In Chinese Medicine, our breath is what supports our overall qi (think energy and egg health!).  You will have access to breathing exercises that support your overall vitality as well as your fertility health!

Featuring Videos Lessons from Top Guest Fertility Experts!

You will have access to valuable insight from guest speakers who will address ways you can improve your chances of starting or growing your family! 

Rosanne Austin, Fertility Coach, Author and host of The Fearlessly Fertile Podcast

Tori Quisling, Intuitive Fertility Coach, RTT, and Author 

"I actually got pregnant the month I started using the audios after a year of trying!!! I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility, and the month I got pregnant, I knew I wanted to focus all my energy on changing my mindset since that had been, what I felt was, my missing piece. The fertility journey is stressful, and so knowing that I got to have this grounding moment with myself every night before bed to give me hope helped so much in allowing me to let go and trust my body and my baby to come to me when they were ready. I listened to the hypnosis audios every single night, and I would recommend this to anyone who needs some extra zen during the TTC journey (which, let’s be honest, is probably everyone!!)"

Ally F.

Hear it for yourself!

Check out a few samples of the fertility hypnosis audios that you will be getting as well as a sacred geometry flower of life meditation (a member favorite!). 


"Michelle’s hypnosis audios were one of the most helpful resources on my fertility journey. Listening to them not only gave me hope, but really started to shift my belief in my body’s ability to get pregnant. I would listen to them every night before bed and they not only gave me a sense of comfort, but they calmed me down and helped me to sleep more peacefully. These audios also helped me to connect with my body, my womb, and my future baby. They played a huge role in me getting pregnant after 3 years of fertility challenges. I highly recommend these to anyone who is trying to conceive and am so grateful to Michelle for sharing such an amazing and thoughtful resource.” 

Clarissa B.
Ready to empower your fertility journey

Monthly Payments of


  • Free seven day trial!
  • Access to a library of fertility hypnosis audios customized to boost your chances of getting pregnant!
  • Fertility Mindset Library with valuable teachings to help you succeed on your fertility journey!
  • Toolbox with powerful tricks to hack your mind!
  • Fertility yoga videos
  • Breathing exercises videos

"“Hearing the hypnosis audios were so calming and soothing.  Michelle's voice helped to put me at ease and lowered my stress levels throughout my fertility journey!”

Jeselyn L.

Meet your teacher

Hi, I'm Michelle


I am a licensed acupuncturist, and certified hypnotherapist who specializes in fertility health.  I have realized after working with hundreds of couples trying to conceive, that mindset is at the heart of a person's success in conceiving.  

My passion is to teach all I have learned on the power of the mind in order to empower women who are trying to conceive.  

I have seen many women doing everything "right" and also having loads of pressure as a result.  I believe in the power of ease and flow.  Not only will that bring back joy on the fertility journey, but it can also help improve overall outcomes!

Our satisfaction guarantee

Try the membership for 7 days, risk-free


I am so confident that you will love all of the value that comes with this program that I am happy to offer you a 7 day trial!  

“Over the course of one year, I completed five back-to-back IVF retrievals. During that time, I listened to Michelle’s mindset and fertility audios every evening before bed. The audios provided with me such a sense of presence and ground - and most importantly, helped me shift my perspective so that I could re-connect to my body and my intuition. As an Integrative Fertility and Hormones coach myself, I recommend her audios to every client I take on! ”

Danielle C.

Try it for seven days risk free!

Monthly Payments of


  • Free seven day trial!
  • Access to a library of fertility hypnosis audios customized to boost your chances of getting pregnant!
  • Fertility Mindset Library with valuable teachings to help you succeed on your fertility journey!
  • Toolbox with powerful tricks to hack your mind!
  • Fertility yoga videos
  • Breathing exercises videos