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Conception is not an end goal.

Conception is a journey.  

Chinese medicine perceives the body as a reflection of the universe.  Our bodies, as well as our lives, are metaphors reflecting our subconscious minds, and responding to their environments.  

Reproductive health is a reflection of your overall health and well-being.  You are more powerful than you realize and absolutely have the power to heal yourself!

I have spent years crafting protocols that not only address the body's natural systems, but also address the mind and spirit.

I believe that we miss a huge key by ignoring the power of our mind and spirit in our healing journey. 

Fertility is a journey that needs nurturing, healing, and empowerment!

Nature is impeccable

Yet many have lost the way

Chinese medicine is based on Taoist traditions.  Taoism translates as "the way".  The way refers to the way of nature and harmony.  This is depicted in the balance of the yin and yang.

It's so simple, yet often times we overthink it.  Getting back to this simplicity and clarity of our true nature is what brings us to our natural state of healing.

You see, our bodies are designed to heal.  When we surrender resisting, our bodies begin not only to heal us, but to guide us on what we need to do to create an optimal state of healing.

When we tune in to our body's intelligence, it will let us feel what food helps us thrive and what food drains our life force.  It'll show us what healthy relationships look like.  

Simply put, our bodies are designed to show us "the way".




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