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Michelle Oravitz,  AP, L.Ac, FABORM

Owner and founder of the Wholesome Lotus, Michelle Oravitz, began her career as an architect upon graduating from Philadelphia University. After many years of experiencing missed periods and enduring stress at her high demand job in NYC, she decided to go to an acupuncturist named Dr. Li who immediately regulated her cycle. What she didn’t realize was that her life would take a drastic turn in ways that she couldn’t imagine. Not only did her symptoms resolve, but she also felt a renewed sense of well being and clarity. She was unable to recognize just how disharmonious she felt until she experienced a new sense of well being that arose from her treatments.

After many years working as an architect, Michelle dreamed of going back to school to learn alternative medicine. When moving to South Florida, she enrolled in an Ayurvedic school which gave her tremendous knowledge about this ancient and rich healing approach. After starting a family, she began researching acupuncture schools in order to expand her healing education with the hope that when her kids began school, she would enroll. She worked from home as a professional artist during her children's early years and when the time was right, she enrolled into school to get her master’s degree in Oriental Medicine. She infused her passion into her studies and graduated Summa Cum Laude and valedictorian of her class.

Michelle has a profound desire to heal. She views healing as an immensely sacred act that is a honor and a privilege. Her mission is to bring wellness into the world one being at a time. To aid in the healing process with a hope of not only resolving symptoms, but also returning individuals to their natural state of wellbeing. Michelle believes that if she had not gone to a TCM doctor, she probably would have had a hard time getting pregnant with her two children. This has influenced her to develop a special interest in treating gynecological disorders and infertility.

Michelle hosts ‘The Wholesome Fertility Podcast’ where she provides fertility tips and interviews leading fertility professionals.