I love what I do.

I founded my practice, the Wholesome Lotus, from a vision of creating a wellness sanctuary that women can go to and come out of with their quality of life enriched.

As a patient of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, during my previous career as an imbalanced architect, I know with absolute certainty that the treatment with this ancient medical system can change lives on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

TCM caters to every individual's unique pattern rather than focusing on their symptoms alone.  This approach directs the treatment towards the root cause, with the goal of restoring the individual's natural state of well being.  

With over 3,000 years of existence, the art of TCM has had many years to perfect its approach to human disharmony.  In TCM, the body, mind and spirit are parts of a whole.  Therefore, when a patient comes in to treat fertility challenges, they may not only have their goal met, but they will also be pleasantly surprised to note that they have a deeper sense of wellness overall.

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Client Testimonials

I never thought I would become a mom but here I am 12 weeks pregnant and getting ready to announce to the family! Thank you for guiding me during my IVF journey and giving me the strength (my mind, body, and soul) I needed to get to here.

— Joanna A.

Michelle has an abundance of knowledge and is in-the-know with fertility research and holistic approaches. I truly believe Michelle looks out for your best interest and I trust her as a guide towards motherhood. I recommend her 100% to help you in your fertility journey.

- Melanie E.


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