EP8 Conceiving Your Purpose After Momma-hood | Kristine McGlinchey

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2021

Kristine McGlinchey-Yap is an author, conscious communicator and intuitive guide. With over a decade of experience in corporate communications, she has transitioned her leadership skills into providing women with guidance to trust themselves in business and in motherhood so that they can lead purposeful lives. Kristine’s intuitive readings, branding sessions, and mentorship programs guide women to their path and purpose through spirituality, strategy and energetic healings. Her free community, OM Mommas, is dedicated to intentional motherhood and through vulnerability and mindset she encourages women to tune in to their intuition so that they can feel confident, empowered and make choices that align with their mind, body and spirit. Her first book “Momtras: Mantras For Mindful Moms” is available on Amazon. For resources and more information, please visitwww.kristinemcglinchey.com. 

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