EP9 Finding Meaning from Ancestral Healing | Ariela & Baruch HaLevi

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2021

Ariela HaLevi is the Co-Founder and Director of Healing at Soul Centered, a spiritual center for guidance, purpose and healing for people in the Afternoon of life, midlife and beyond. Ariela holds a Masters in Social Work, is a shamanic energy practitioner, ancestral and past life healer, emotional healer, yoga instructor and holistic health practitioner. Ariela guides women to reawaken a deep connection to their soul, discover their spirit, to heal, transform and feel empowered in their lives. She has guided countless women through holistic healing, profound personal transformation, and heal deep wounds that get to the root causes of suffering and transform that suffering into physical, emotional and spiritual freedom. 


Dr. Rabbi Baruch HaLevi “B” is a Logotherapist (meaning-centered psychotherapist), spiritual guide, and co-founder and Executive Director of Soul Centered, a Denver, CO based, spiritual center for individuals seeking meaning, purpose, and healing in The Afternoon of Life (midlife and beyond). Synthesizing his training and expertise in Logotherapy, the Enneagram, and Kabbalah, Baruch guides his clients to find deeper meaning when facing life’s Crisis Crossroads, discover their Soul Purpose, and live their True Self in the Afternoon of Life. 





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