EP 62 An Unexpected Wake Up Call From the Universe | Andrew DeGregorio

When Andrew was 32, a surfboard bashed into his head when he was out surfing one day. He was left unconscious in the ocean until a complete stranger pulled him out and saved his life. He was never the same again. After that near-death experience, he questioned his conditioned identity and purpose. He noticed he became incredibly present to the world in a way he had never experienced before. He took it upon himself to dive deep into spiritual practices and that was where his gifts began to unlock. He has worked side-by-side with some incredible teachers and became a student at the Luminous Awareness Institute, a healing arts school. Since then, he’s worked with hundreds awakening leaders, coaches, and healers that have come to him for reasons that vary from aligning to soul purpose, generating aligned wealth, deepening spiritual practices, developing psychic gifts, relationship/family support, and too many other topics to name.


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